Monetary Empires and Historical Patterns

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The legendary hedge fund manager Ray Dalio offers an insight into the dynamics that he saw when studying the rises and declines of the last three reserve currency empires (the Dutch, the British, and the American) and the six other significant empires (Germany, France, R

World's Currencies History

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World's Currencies and their History

Currency names vary from country to country based on domestic culture and linguistic factors. Many monetary units got their name by the domestic word for ‘weight’ or the word for ‘golden’. This was happening probably because these domestic currencies had an equal value of their weight in gold.

Forex News Trading

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News-Trading and Economic Indicators

Economic indicators are periodic economic statistics that provide an insight regarding the performance of an economy during a certain time-period. Any change in the macroeconomic conditions can trigger strong movements in the financial markets, and that means profit opportunities for currency traders.