Established by the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1998, the European Central Bank (ECB) is the central monetary authority of the Eurozone. ECB administers and controls the monetary policy of the European Union (EU) and it is one of the 7 main institutions of the EU.

  • The capital stock of the European Central Bank is owned by the central banks of the EU member states

  • Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany



The important ECB news feeds include exchange rates, press releases, publications, etc.


◙ Basic European Central Bank RSS Feeds

rss logo Press releases, speeches press conference transcripts

rss logo Statistical ECB press releases

rss logo ECB Publications (pdf)

rss logo Recent ECB open market operations

rss logo Euro (EUR) area yield curve


◙ Euro Forex Market Reference Rates

rss logo US dollar (USD)

rss logo Japanese yen (JPY)

rss logo Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

rss logo Czech koruna (CZK)

rss logo Danish krone (DKK)

rss logo Estonian kroon (EEK)

rss logo The pound sterling (GBP)

rss logo Hungarian forint (HUF)

rss logo Lithuanian Litas (LTL)

rss logo Latvian lats (LVL)

rss logo Polish zloty (PLN)

rss logo New Romanian Leu (RON)

rss logo Swedish krona (SEK)

rss logo Swiss franc (CHF)

rss logo Norwegian krone (NOK)

rss logo Croatian Kuna (HRK)

rss logo Russian rouble (RUB)

rss logo New Turkish lira (TRY)

rss logo The Australian dollar (AUD)

rss logo Brasilian real (BRL)

rss logo The Canadian dollar (CAD)

rss logo Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY)

rss logo Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

rss logo Indonesian rupiah (IDR)

rss logo Indian rupee (INR)

rss logo South Korean won (KRW)

rss logo Mexican peso (MXN)

rss logo Malaysian ringgit (MYR)

rss logo New Zealand dollar (NZD)

rss logo Philippine peso (PHP)

rss logo Singapore dollar (SGD)

rss logo Thai baht (THB)

rss logo South African Rand (ZAR)


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