Forex Trading Rebates

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What is a Forex Rebate?

A rebate plan is a cash-back deal that can save you a great deal of money when trading the currency market. Rebate plans offer cash-back incentives based on trading volumes. For professional traders, a good Rebate plan is a “must” when they decide to open a new Forex account. A trading rebate is calculated on a full-traded lot basis ($/lot), and it is paid at the end of each month, or the beginning of the next. The total amount of each monthly rebate depends on:

Forex Trading Contests 2022

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Forex contests and tournaments are competitions in which traders compete against each other to earn withdrawable cash prizes. These contests are usually held on a monthly basire and include:
(1) Demo Account Contests (don't require any deposit)
(2) Real Account Contests (require depositing real money)
Compare Forex Contests for 2022

■ RoboForex  Demo Contest

Type: Demo Contest

Platform: MT4