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Trading the ​​​​​​​USDJPY Forex Pair

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USDJPY is a volatile and liquid Forex pair when measured on a daily and intraday basis. USDJPY, along with EURUSD and GBPUSD, offers the lowest trading spreads in the Foreign Exchange market. USDJPY accounts for 21.8% of the total Foreign Exchange market volume. Note, that the Japanese Yen weighs 13.6% of the US Dollar Index.

Monetary Empires and Historical Patterns

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The legendary hedge fund manager Ray Dalio offers an insight into the dynamics that he saw when studying the rises and declines of the last three reserve currency empires (the Dutch, the British, and the American) and the six other significant empires (Germany, France, R

Triffin Dilemma

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Triffin Dilemma (Reserve Currency Paradox)

Robert, Baron Triffin was a Belgian-American economist who was openly against the Bretton Woods monetary system. Triffin dilemma or else Triffin paradox refers to countries whose currencies are used as global reserve currencies, like the United States and the US dollar.