Forex Trading

Compare Automated Forex Trading Systems

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Automated Forex trading is the process of trading 24/5 Forex currencies, without any human intervention. Algorithms analyze currency market data over multiple timeframes, and when certain conditions are met, trade positions are opened, altered, and close. The great advantage of automated trading is the elimination of fatigue and emotional/psychological influences. An automated trading system will use a set of pre-established rules to simultaneously manage multiple accounts.

Forex Statistics

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Compare the periodic performance of Forex pairs based on research starting January 2000 and ending October 2018.

Table: Compare the performance of 7 Forex pairs based on historical data (2000-2018)

Forex Market Volumes

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Foreign Exchange Market Volumes

Volume is a leading market indicator that can help traders to recognize strong trends and reversals, but also to identify the current market phase and to think ahead of the current price action.

In general, analyzing market volumes can be helpful in:

Forex News Trading

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News-Trading and Economic Indicators

Economic indicators are periodic economic statistics that provide an insight regarding the performance of an economy during a certain time-period. Any change in the macroeconomic conditions can trigger strong movements in the financial markets, and that means profit opportunities for currency traders.