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Compare Bitcoin Forex Brokers

Compare Bitcoin Forex Brokers

Bitcoin Forex Brokers

Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network.  No bank carries Bitcoins and there is no central authority or centralized exchange for Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin?

Nowadays, the general interest in cryptocurrencies is peaking, and that is especially true as concerns Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (ETH). Bitcoin is a very volatile digital currency, much more volatile than the most volatile exotic currency pair. The bitcoin price often makes extreme swings of more than 50% in just a few days. That explains why brokers provide not more than 25:1 trading leverage when trading Bitcoin. Forex/CFD brokers support Bitcoin as a currency for deposits/withdrawals but also as a trading currency. Mainly, they offer Bitcoin against USD (BTC/USD).

More about Bitcoin at the official website: https://bitcoin.org/


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What is the difference between Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

There are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies and each one of them offers different features such as anonymity, platforms, digital applications, etc. Found in 2008, Bitcoin is the first digital currency and that means it has gained enormous popularity and availability over the years. Many merchants, real and online shops around the world accept Bitcoins as a payment method. There are even many ATMs exchanging bitcoins for cash.




Trading Bitcoins

Bitcoin trading refers to the process of buying or selling Bitcoins in order to speculate on future price movements. Demand and supply move Bitcoin markets and Bitcoin trading is based on the major aspects of technical and fundamental analysis. Bitcoin traders can use Bitcoin exchanges to build their positions but also they can trade Bitcoin via Forex/CFD brokers. As Bitcoins trade on multiple exchanges, the rates may vary significantly. Traders must ensure they understand which Bitcoin exchange is used by their Forex broker.

Risks of Trading Bitcoin

(1) Bitcoin price has shown extremely-high volatility over the years. Therefore, trading using high trading leverage is very risky, especially as concerns beginners.

(2) Bitcoin is offered in very wide spreads. The spread diminishes the profit potential of every trade. In the following table, you may compare the trading spreads of all Forex brokers

(3) Trading Bitcoin via Forex/CFD brokers is the subject of overnight rates. In the following table, you may compare the overnight rates of all Forex brokers


Compare Bitcoin Forex/CFD Brokers

This is a basic comparison of all the above Bitcoin Forex Brokers.










 200 USD



  • $10.25 spread (can change anytime)


Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum


  • LONG -30.98 points
  • SHORT -30.98 points


  • Free VPS

Global Prime 


► Capital (UK)

  • Regulation: FCA UK
  • License NumberNo 793714


100 USD



  • $34 spread (can change anytime)
In total, 70 cryptocurrency pairs
  • LONG -0.06%
  • SHORT +0.01%


  • (N/A)

► Capital

► FBS (Russia)

  • Regulation: IFSC Belize
  • License Number: 60/230/TS/12

10 USD


  • 1,000 points spread (can change anytime)


  • LONG -$10
  • SHORT -$10


  • 123 USD Free Bonus
  • 100% Credit Bonus



► IC MARKETS (Australia)
  • RegulationASIC Australia
  • License Number335692


200 USD


  • 1,000 TICKS Fixed Spread (can change anytime)
  • 10.00 USD per 1 lot
  • LONG -$50
  • SHORT -$89.9

Per Standard lot


  • No Bonus Promotions

► IC Markets


Table Explanation:


Refers to the minimum amount of money required to open a new account with the broker


The spread is the difference in points between the best buying and the best-selling price. The table refers to the minimum spread. Note that the higher the spread the higher the trading cost.


It refers to the cost of maintaining your Bitcoin position overnight. Bitcoin overnight rates are always negative as Bitcoin and other digital currencies offer no interest rate. Note that the higher the overnight rate (when negative) the higher the trading cost.


It refers to how many times a trader can leverage its Bitcoin positions. If the trading leverage is 10:1 means that by depositing $100 a trader can buy bitcoins worth $1,000. Note that using high leverage is very risky and it is better to avoid it.


Refers to the welcome bonus policy of the Forex broker when opening a new account. There are three types of bonuses:

No-Deposit (Free) Bonus: Some Forex brokers offer this type of promotional bonus without requiring an initial deposit. You can withdraw a No-Deposit Bonus after traded it several times.

Cash Bonus: You can trade with a cash bonus as capital and even withdraw it after traded it several times.

Credit Bonus: You can trade with a credit bonus only as a margin and you can’t withdraw it

As a general conclusion, a No-Deposit Bonus and a Cash Bonus are good deals while a Credit Bonus is a bad deal.


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Bitcoin Forex Brokers




Warning: Please be careful with your money 


When sending funds to an exchange or other counterparty you are trusting that the operator will not abscond with your bitcoins and that the operator maintains secure systems that protect against internal or external theft. It is recommended that you obtain the real-world identity of the operator and ensure that sufficient recourse is available. Exchanging or storing significant funds with exchanges is not recommended.




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