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Forex Market Hours and Trading Sessions

Get to Know Forex Market Hours and Trading Sessions

The Forex market has a daily trading volume of 4 trillion dollars, making it the biggest financial market in the world. Part of the reason for this is the Forex market hours, which are around the clock. Trading sessions continue on a daily basis, only breaking for weekends. During this time, Forex traders are allowed to buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on markets.

The reason the Forex market is almost always open, is because it is International, operating in every single time zone. It is always office hours somewhere in the world. But certain times are highly active, while other times are remarkably slow. These are called trading sessions.


Most Active Trading Hours

Despite being open 24/5, there are certain hours which are more active.

These include (all times EST):

❏     New York:       08:00-17:00

❏     Tokyo              19:00-04:00

❏     Sydney            17:00-02:00

❏     London            03:00-12:00

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China Economic Outlook

Here are the important figures of The Chinese Economy.

Table: China's Outlook

GDP 7298.1 5878.63 USD Billion Dec-11 Yearly
POPULATION 1344.13 1337.82 Million Dec-11 Yearly
GDP PER CAPITA PPP 8442.23 7567.84 USD Dec-11 Yearly
UNEMPLOYED PERSONS 926 918 Thousand Persons Sep-12 Quarterly
UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 4.1 4.1 Percent Dec-12 Quarterly
INFLATION RATE 3.2 2 Percent Feb-13 Monthly
PRODUCER PRICES 98.36 98.1 Index Points Jan-13 Monthly
INTEREST RATE 6 6 Percent Feb-13 Monthly
FOREIGN EXCHANGE RESERVES 3311589.2 3297671.4 USD Million Dec-12 Monthly
MONEY SUPPLY M2 99210 97415.95 CNY Billion Jan-13 Monthly
EXPORTS 1393.69 1873.66 USD Hundred Million Feb-13 Monthly
IMPORTS 1241.18 1582.19 USD Hundred Million Feb-13 Monthly
BALANCE OF TRADE 152.51 291.46 USD Hundred Million Feb-13 Monthly
CURRENT ACCOUNT 65.8 70.8 USD Billion Dec-12 Quarterly
CURRENT ACCOUNT TO GDP 4 5.2 Percent Dec-11 Yearly
GOVERNMENT DEBT TO GDP 23 25.8 Percent Dec-12 Yearly
GOVERNMENT EXTERNAL DEBT 6949.97 5489.38 USD HML Dec-11 Yearly
GOVERNMENT BOND 10Y 3.61 3.61 Percent Mar-13 Monthly
GOVERNMENT BUDGET -1.5 -1.1 Percent of GDP Dec-12 Yearly
GOVERNMENT SPENDING 63616.1 53614.4 CNY HML Jun-11 Yearly
CREDIT RATING 78.82        
INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION 9.9 10.3 Percent Feb-13 Monthly
BUSINESS CONFIDENCE 124.4 122.8   Dec-12 Quarterly
CONSUMER CONFIDENCE 108.2 104.5   Feb-13 Monthly
CONSUMER SPENDING 164945.2 133290.9 CNY HML Jun-11 Yearly

Source: IMF and Trading Economics


China's Economic Outlook 2013

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