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Dukascopy Bank Cash Rebate

Dukascopy Cash-Back Rebate & Equity Bonus

-30% cash-back rebate (1st month of trading)

-10% Equity bonus by Dukascopy

Forex Trading RebateDukascopy Bank is one of the leading Forex Brokers in the world offering some of the best trading terms to trade Forex with spreads starting as low as 0.20 pips.

"Trading Cost when trading with Dukascopy is tight and becomes even tighter if you take take advantage of our Dukascopy 30% rebate plan (for the 1st month of trading)"

You can claim our trading rebate plan and receive in addition 10% Equity Bonus from Dukascopy. Dukascopy Bank is a Swiss Bank that is able to provide Forex Traders with very tight spreads via its enormous liquidity.
Note: Minimum Deposit at Dukascopy Bank is $5,000 and at Dukascopy Europe is $100

How you can Join this great Rebate Plan -Easy Steps

Joining our Dukascopy rebate plan is easy. You just have to complete the registration process and then contact us for confirmation. Follow these simple steps.

So lets see the steps required to join Dukascopy Bank rebate plan:

(1) Visit the site of Dukascopy using our rebate link: Dukascopy Bank Registration

(2) First Registration Window (1/6), choose your 'Account Type', for example: -INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT- and below on the same window choose 'Kind of Account' between: -RETAIL ACCOUNT- or -STANDARD ACCOUNT-,

(3) Last Registration Window (6/6) at the field "KNOWS US FROM", select "INTRODUCING AGENT" and type the code 8410

■ 8411 for Dukascopy Europe

■ 8410 for Dukascopy Bank

*If you forget to type the code 8411 / 8410 you will not be able to receive any cash rebate. This offer can be applied only during registration, not later.

■ Now you can finish the registration and then contact us for confirmation -email Qexpert(at)Yahoo.com

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The CurrenciesFX Cash-Back Rebates


What is a Forex Rebate?

A rebate plan is a cash-back deal which can save you a great deal of money when trading Forex. For professional traders, a good Forex Rebate is a “must” when they decide to open a new Fx account. If you join our trading rebate plan, you get a cash-back each time you execute a trade. That means that each time you open and close a position, you gain back an amount of cash. This cash rebate is paid at the end of each month. Depending on the Forex Broker you choose, your cash rebate can be paid directly from your broker or from us (CurrenciesFX).


Is your Trading Rebate Plan offered for Free?

Yes, it is 100% free, as we don’t make money from traders. Also keep in mind that we partner only with the best Forex Brokers around the world and therefore we may provide a wide range of brokerage options to traders.

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The Alpari UK Cash-Back Rebate



What is Alpari Currencies Fx deal about?

Currencies Fx in cooperation with Alpari UK is offering to traders a great cash-rebate plan.

» Learn about hpw a Cash-Back Rebate works


How this Deal Works for Traders?

When a trader opens a new trading account on Alpari UK through Currencies FX he automatically participate in our rebate plan. Participating in our rebate plan means you get a 0.1 pip rebate 

If you want to learn more about how this rebate works, make a claim via email, and we will inform you (in 1 business day) about our available Alpari Forex Cash-Back plan:

Start Trading Forex using a 0.1 pip Trading Rebate ►Contact us 

Alpari UK Web

How you Can Join our Alpari UK Trading Rebate in 2 Steps

Joining our Alpari UK rebate is considerably easy, just follow these 2 steps:

(1) Open an account using that particular link: 1Visit Alpari UK and open an Account from here

You can only register in our plan by using the above link.

(2) Send us an email after opening an account at Alpari UK and before deposit any funds.

Include your Name and your email address. After that, we will be able to confirm you via email your participation.

2►State your registration here and get confirmation in a day

Since you get our confirmation you are included in our rebate plan immediately and then you can deposit funds in Alpari UK whenever you like.

Note: The Rebate Plan does not include the Alpari Pro Accounts.

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Dukascopy Rebate

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